Live SAP integration in 90 days.

Eleven years in, Blount’s Corevist Commerce solution is stronger than ever.

In late 2008, Blount International, Inc. was feeling the pressure from all sides. Everyone involved wanted to “get online” with an e-commerce solution.

Key distributors wanted it.  Dealers wanted it.  Division managers wanted it.

Barry Brunetto, Blount’s VP of Information Systems, was tasked with solving the problem.  But, his early research uncovered solutions that were too expensive, too hard to customize, and too slow to implement.

Then one day he got a call from one of our sales reps.  Less than six months later, Blount was processing orders online — and those orders were completely integrated with SAP in real time.


  • Blount was processing online orders directly into their SAP system within 90 days of signing a contract with Corevist
  • Multiple managers, from multiple departments, and countries came together so quickly
  • Efficiency, and revenue, have increased as a result of this solution
  • EDI fits into this picture


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