B2B portals and eCommerce have become a necessity in the digital age. But what goes into a good B2B portal? What do your dealers and distributors need most—and how can you avoid common pitfalls?

The answers to these questions look different at every organization, but there are 7 high-level principles that every organization should follow:

  1. Put the voice of the customer first
  2. Start with a goal to reduce phone, fax, & email inquiries
  3. Give every customer the right data
  4. Embrace “data discomfort”
  5. Think B2C user experience
  6. Don’t create more work for IT
  7. Leverage economies of scale for SAP integration

In this exclusive whitepaper, we’ll dig into each question and help you understand how to answer it at your organization. All along the way, we’ll alert you to common pitfalls with B2B portals.

Download the whitepaper to start crafting a B2B portal project that’s ideally suited to your customers and your business.

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