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April 2016

SAP B2B eCommerce: Real People, Real Needs

Caring for real people behind SAP ecommerce Nothing excites me more than meeting our clients, and their customers, while they’re using our Corevist SAP and Magento Integrated B2B eCommerce service.  The Japanese call this Gemba, or going to “the real … Continued
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SAP Listing and Product Hierarchy – FREE Guide To Best Practices

We hear it at every project initiation workshop. “You mean every customer will be able to see our ENTIRE material catalog??? We can’t let customer X know that we sell product Y to customer Z, that would create an awkward and difficult situation....” Almost every SAP customer has some materials they don’t want certain customers to know about. Take branded products for example. (“Why do you make an ACME labeled version but you won’t make one for my company?”) Or, maybe you keep in limited supply for just a handful of customers. Whatever the case, your company probably has materials in SAP you would prefer to keep hidden from some of your customers.
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Why didn’t you tell me I needed this part?!?!?

This is a direct quote from one of our clients: “If our B2B customers order porcelain tile online, and we don’t tell them that they need a specific tool or glue to install that product, they are going to be so mad at us.” According to Forrester Research, product recommendations (or cross selling) are responsible for an average of 10-30% of eCommerce site revenues. But on B2B websites, cross selling (or the lack of it) can drive so much more than revenue. It can help ensure customer satisfaction.
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Building Community in an Officeless World – Sharing Moments of the Week

Community without an office? You bet! When most everyone on your team lives in different cities, if not countries, and there is no water cooler to facilitate casual conversations, how do you build community? We at Corevist have been wrestling … Continued
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