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How dirty is your data?

By |2023-03-20T14:41:07-04:00February 16, 2016|Company News|

If I were writing this article for a magazine, that’s the title I’d give it. But, this is a serious blog about serious SAP B2B eCommerce, so maybe I should think of another title. How’s this? “Product hierarchy and attribute consistency in SAP data and its impact on SAP-integrated B2B eCommerce.” Well, that title is accurate, but way more boring.

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Real-time shipping in a B2B world

By |2023-03-20T14:41:26-04:00February 5, 2016|Company News|

Anyone who has shopped online (which these days is almost everyone) has certain expectations about how shipping is calculated. Namely, that it’s calculated immediately, so you know exactly how much shipping will cost when you click that “place order” button. Unfortunately, as with many other aspects of eCommerce, shipping is a lot more complicated with B2B orders...

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