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August 2014

When Should You Customize SAP®?

Knowing when to customize SAP When should you customize SAP® core functionality? Almost never, according to this blog post by Lawrence Matusek of our partner eLogic Group entitled “GO NATIVE! Mind the Gap!”. That’s sage advice for SAP® shops who … Continued
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Post GoLive Support in a Cloud Based SAP® Integrated World

Software + Services + Support Way back in 2008, Corevist was founded to provide an industry disrupting SAP® Integrated eCommerce solution by offering the first ever solution to be exclusively delivered via the Cloud.  Our mindset was that we would … Continued
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Lean Thinking For SAP® hybris B2B eCommerce Projects

It’s time to go lean Every SAP® hybris B2B eCommerce project that I’ve ever come across has been long, complex and expensive.  The rule of thumb is usually a minimum of $1 Million and 1 year before the first B2B … Continued
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Synchronizing Product Data Between SAP® and Magento

How to synchronize catalogs between SAP and Magento We’ve been providing SAP®-integrated eCommerce websites, both B2B and B2C, that integrate SAP® ERP (not Business One) and Magento since 2011.  While we would much prefer not to duplicate data that is … Continued
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