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July 2013

Excuse Me. We Think Your SAP System is Running a Little Slowly.

b2b2dot0: the full picture When you sign a contract with b2b2dot0, you get more than just our software. Although it is true that a growing number of organizations do fall in love with the level of SAP integration and eCommerce … Continued
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Lenovo is #1 PC Supplier With an eCommerce Website That Doesn’t Know When Products Have Shipped!

No shipping info from Lenovo… There was big news in North Carolina in July. Headline number 1 was that Lenovo became the top ranking PC maker in the world.  Woohoo! Headline number 2 was that my wife bought a Lenovo … Continued
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Real Time Cargo Loading for Your SAP Integrated B2B eCommerce Website

Optimizing B2B shipping with ecommerce As consumers (at least here in the USA), we’re all used to finding those smiley logo emblazoned packages on our doorstep that were delivered by that “on a mission” brown suited UPS delivery person.  But … Continued
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b2b2dot0 partnership with UK firm Inviqa, broadens SAP B2B eCommerce support for global manufacturers

Improved B2B ecommerce support for global manufacturers b2b2dot0 – the industry leader in cloud-based SAP-integrated eCommerce — is proud to announce a new reseller partnership with UK-based The Inviqa Group. The b2b2dot0 solution gives manufacturers the ability to extend data … Continued
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