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May 2013

Benchmarking the Costs of B2B eCommerce for an SAP IBM Websphere Shop

The high water mark for cost of B2B eCommerce This post started when I saw a job solicitation for a Director of B2B eCommerce over at West Marine.  It’s actually a fantastic job description and I hope all of our … Continued
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Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition puts B2B on the Agenda

The emergence of B2B I definitely think it’s a great sign when the world’s largest eCommerce trade show, Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition (IRCE 2013), dedicates a full session to the “emerging trend” of B2B eCommerce.  For the last couple … Continued
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Pfizer’s Viagra Legitimizes B2C eCommerce for Manufacturers

Psssst. Over here. I’ve got something for you. You know you want it. You’ve been lusting after it for years but were too afraid to do anything about it.  Now’s your chance.  If Pfizer, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies … Continued
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