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August 2010

Shipping Error Management – Making the Best of a Bad Situation

It’s not something to be proud of. No manufacturer wants to pack and ship a “less than perfect” order.. but they do.   On a daily basis, customers open up their shipments to find parts that are short-shipped, totally missing, defective, … Continued
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Five Things You’ll Never Hear from EDI Lovers

What they don’t tell you about EDI I used to loathe EDI (electronic data interchange).  Its promise to totally automate the industrial supply chain with “hands free” computer-to-computer interchange of key business documents seemed to threaten the fundamental existence of … Continued
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Transparency, Agility and Accountability

Why transparency is the heart of agility My wife and I have been remodeling our kitchen this summer.  After 7 weeks of washing dishes in the bathtub, I was excited to finally be able to wash the breakfast dishes in … Continued
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Agile (Un)Moments – Beware of Shortcuts

Shortcuts make long delays… Beware of shortcuts because they seldom are, especially when it comes to talking to your customers! It is so tempting to follow the lead of a “savvy surrogate” when it comes to steering a software project.  … Continued
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