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May 2010

Santana, SAPPHIRE 2010, Blackberries, Jumbotrons and Twitter.

Full circle at SAPPHIRE Sometimes you just have to sit back and marvel at how far we’ve come with technology.  I just got back from SAP’s SAPPHIRE/ASUG conference in Orlando and this is one of those moments.
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Agility in Action: Supporting an SAP Distribution Center Relocation in Real Time

Distribution center relocation… go! Note: this post was originally published in May 2010 on our b2b2dot0 website. The story is more relevant than ever, so we’ve transferred it to the Corevist blog. Enjoy!  One of our clients innocently sends us … Continued
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Monitoring b2b2dot0’s SaaS Availability

How we maintain 99.5% guaranteed uptime At the heart of the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business model is the understanding that the service will always be available when needed.  In our 24×7 flattened world, that pretty much means all the time.
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How Hard Can It Be to Integrate an eCommerce Website with SAP?

Integration isn’t for the inexperienced Evidently not very hard if a consulting company wins a contract to do so and assigns a junior developer to make it happen.  I just found this post over at StackOverflow (a geek website) and … Continued
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