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February 2010

Measurable Insights from SAP B2B eCommerce Websites

KPIs for B2B eCommerce Now that we’re approaching close to 70,000 visits, and almost $10M of revenue, per month from our various B2B websites, I think it’s time to reflect on what we’re learning from an analytics’ perspective.  If for … Continued
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What is SAP’s CRM Really Being Used For?

SAP’s CRM (it’s not used for what you think!) Last October, SAP announced that they were offering free CRM licenses to the market.  Coincidentally, over the course of the next several months, we heard of many defections away from SAP … Continued
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The Value of SAP Order Status According to Google

Order status checks matter Over the last several months, we’ve had several conversations with manufacturers who have told us that their primary means of receiving orders from their customers is via EDI or FAX/email. Furthermore, because of their desire to … Continued
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The Evolution of b2b2dot0’s Client Services

Support at b2b2dot0 Last September I wrote a post entitled “Customer Support in an SAP Integrated World”.  In that post I discussed the (positive) impact that our “On-Demand” model has had on our ability to respond to our clients from … Continued
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