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January 2010

Hertz Gets Social Media!

Hertz: A case study in great customer service On January 9th I posted a blog entry entitled “Hertz Encounters of the Bizarre Kind”.  It recounted my most recent rental experience with Hertz…which was to say the least…less than stellar.  Frankly, … Continued
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Taking SAP B2B eCommerce Websites Internationally

When B2B ecommerce goes international We spent the better part of 2009 deploying our service internationally.  In fact, a quick scan of Google Analytics shows that our client’s customers transacted business with them through our SAP Integrated b2b websites from … Continued
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Hertz Encounters of the Bizarre Kind

When websites go down Every so often I have a customer service experience that provides me with a “learning moment”.  Either I’m so impressed with the experience that I want to figure out how to emulate it at b2b2dot0, or … Continued
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