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October 2009

Total Cost of Ownership of On Premises versus SaaS Applications

TCO: On-premises vs. SaaS The good news is that all of our potential clients eventually come to the same conclusion about our SAP Integrated B2B sellside eCommerce solution.  The words “your solution is perfect” or “it’s just what we need” … Continued
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b2b2dot0 Goes to Budapest

What we learned in Budapest b2b2dot0’s Executive Management team just concluded our second annual Management Retreat.  We rented an apartment in Budapest for a week in order to celebrate our accomplishments, get a bunch of things done, and lay the … Continued
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“We can’t accept phone or fax orders, sorry.”

What audacity! It’s right there on Velo Orange’s home page.  They actually have the chutzpah to tell their customers that phone and fax orders are not accepted.  What?  Are they crazy?  Isn’t that poor customer service?  Aren’t they afraid that … Continued
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SAP offers “free” CRM for ERP buyers

What free products tell us about strategy This was the headline of a CIO Magazine article last week.  It’s an old story being replayed in these lingering stressed economic times. Take a product that noone seems to be buying, give … Continued
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