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June 2009

Gemba in the Virtual World

The reality of customer interaction with software Gemba is a Japanese term that means “the actual place” or “the real place”.  Gemba is very familiar to Lean Practitioners as the tool to use when you want to study how a … Continued
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“SAP reshapes strategy for online software”

SAP’s changing strategy This article by Richard Waters appeared in yesterday’s Financial Times. I guess the bottom line is that SAP’s John Wookey (who they stole from Oracle last year) seems to be signaling the end of offering “ERP on-demand” … Continued
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Creating B2B “Microsites” with SAP

Using SAP to create B2B Microsites A recent Puget Sound Business Journal news story entitled “ Launching New ‘Microsites’ to Drive Sales” inspired me to reflect on the significance of what we’re doing with Blount, Inc .
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Bank Failures Hit b2b2dot0

Resulst of Bank Failures I received a surrealistic email last week from the President of Advanta, b2b2dot0’s Corporate credit card provider.  He basically said his bank was going out of business in FOUR days and he was sorry for any … Continued
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