Unlocking Ecommerce Growth Alongside S/4HANA: Essential Insights from Chicago Faucets for Seamless B2B Digital Expansion


Are you considering venturing into the world of ecommerce, but the prospect of an upcoming SAP implementation or S/4HANA migration is causing hesitation?

Discover strategic insights from DeVario Voltz, Senior IT Application Analyst SAP at Chicago Faucets, in this fireside chat. Dive into Chicago Faucets’ success story as they seamlessly combined SAP migration with a powerful ecommerce platform, enhancing revenue and customer engagement.

Join us to learn about:

  • Strategically aligning SAP migration and ecommerce integration for amplified success
  • Navigating common challenges during your transformation journey, leveraging Chicago Faucets’ strategies
  • The mechanics behind transitioning from homegrown to a revenue-boosting customer portal via an integrated ecommerce platform
  • Unleashing the synergy between ecommerce and ERP to propel your business forward

Together, we’ll explore their tangible journey – from a highly successful SAP migration (x2) to the seamless launch of a fully integrated ecommerce platform. This transformation allowed them to promptly reintroduce their revenue-amplifying customer portal, without missing a beat.

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Get to know our thought leaders

Andy Martin

Andy leads as Corevist’s CEO with a singular focus: to create the perfect buying experience for manufacturers’ customers – every day, every purchase. From immigrant to Army officer, Fortune 500 executive to startup founder to serial entrepreneur, Andy has gained significant experience in 30 years of leadership with a particular focus on the SAP ecosystem.

DeVario Voltz

DeVario Voltz serves as the Senior IT Application Analyst specializing in SAP at Chicago Faucets. With over a decade of experience in SAP SD and holding SAP TERP10 certification, DeVario has been instrumental in the successful implementation of SAP as Chicago Faucet’s primary ERP system. DeVario has not only supervised the initial installation but also managed the substantial migration from ECC to S/4HANA.

Throughout this project, DeVario assumed responsibility for transitioning Chicago Faucet’s in-house ecommerce platform to Corevist, guaranteeing seamless integration and ongoing coordination between these two solutions. DeVario continues to oversee the growth and advancement of both systems.

Chicago Faucets innovates and manufactures unparalleled commercial faucets for delivery throughout the United States or Canada.