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Your call with Corevist:

First, we’ll ask about the pain points you’re experiencing today.  

Every manufacturer faces unique challenges in the digital age. Tell us what you’re struggling with—and what success looks like to you.

We’ll ask you four key questions:

  • How do your existing customers feel about doing business with you?
  • What customer segments are you not reaching today?
  • What do you need to change?
  • How will you measure success?

Then, we’ll share some insights on tackling these issues.  

You’re not alone in wrestling with these problems.

Our clients come from numerous manufacturing verticals. Chances are, we’ve helped a client in your industry with a similar problem. We’ll share some insights about their journey which may be applicable at your organization.

You’ll discover the secrets of a successful web channel.

Strategy is worthless if your solution can’t support it. 

In fact, SAP integration (or lack of it) will make or break your project.

That’s why we’ll ask some questions about your technical SAP landscape. Then we’ll explain Corevist’s 3 differentiators and how they empower us to create successful web channels for manufacturers: 

  • Day One Integrated. All solutions include prebuilt, configurable SAP integration.
  • Launch it tomorrow. Our methodology delivers the most critical value first. 
  • We’ve got your back. We continuously support our solutions (and consult on growth).

Finally, we’ll give you a roadmap for further exploration.

These projects can be complex, and you’ll need buy-in from multiple stakeholders. We’ll help you understand who should be involved in the project, which Corevist solution(s) can help, and our next steps in exploring a potential relationship.

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We’re looking forward to connecting.

Someone will contact you shortly to arrange a call.