Use Cases

George serves as Director of Digital Marketing. A blogger and journalist with a passion for B2B ecommerce, he has written for the Magento blog, Digitalcommerce360, Supply & Demand Chain Executive, ERPgenie, and others.

Protect Your Pricing with B2B eCommerce

Do you need to display pricing to executives and managers alone while still allowing entry-level workers to create orders? We can help.
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SAP-integrated B2B dashboard

Do you want to give your global customers a quick summary of real-time inventory in one simple dashboard? We can help.
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Real-time SAP inventory, fast.

How do you build an SAP-integrated eCommerce website that can display real-time inventory for your entire catalog–without encountering performance issues? It’s easier than you might think–it just depends on the architecture design. See how we did it for one of our clients.
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Supporting a B2C-like Demand Chain

How do you enroll and support 50,000 new, small-volume dealers annually without creating an administrative nightmare? Automate it.
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