Ecommerce is a great sales channel for replacement auto parts. You can bring all of your auto part data to the web, straight from SAP–including add-on products to accompany replacement parts. With real-time order posting to SAP (plus order tracking for your sales team and your customers), everyone wins.

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Replacement parts for forestry products are a great candidate for eCommerce. For high-turnover parts that wear out fast, your customers can save carts for 1-click reordering the next time around. Your customers will love the freedom and flexibility that eCommerce provides. You’ll love the increased revenue, simplified order-to-cash process, and greater market share.



Are agricultural products really appropriate for eCommerce? Absolutely! In fact, an eCommerce store allows your customers to place urgent orders that post immediately to your SAP system. If a whole herd of cows needs a supplement, your customers can get what they need, fast. The result is healthier animals and crops, greater profit for farmers, and greater profit for your company as well.

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SAP eCommerce in the cloud.

We leverage your SAP® system for eCommerce–in real time, with real data, for real people. We minimize batch updates. We display real-time inventory, contract pricing, credit limits, and more in your e-Commerce portal, and we post orders to SAP without a human touch.

We’re integrated with your SAP system on day 1 and spend the next 89 days customizing to your liking.


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