Real-time SAP B2B eCommerce inventory – fast.

How do you give your customers access to a huge volume of real-time inventory data, without slowing your website to a crawl?

When inventory is volatile, page load speed matters.  Why? Because in the time it takes to select and configure products, the inventory can change.

Our client’s customers needed an easy-to-use order interface, packed with real-time data, and the pages needed to load quickly.

See how we did it.


Bicycle inventory is always in flux.  In the time it takes for an indecisive shopper to decide on a specific frame and component set, that bike may no longer be available in his size.

In fact, bicycle inventory is so volatile that 60 minutes is too long to wait for updates.

How do we know that? Because Cycling Sport Group had a previous eCommerce site that featured batch updates from SAP every hour. Once bicycle shop owners figured out that the data wasn’t real-time, they bypassed the online system altogether and phoned their orders in.

Recently, b2b2dot0 helped CSG launch a new eCommerce portal – built on the Magento platform — that features real-time data from SAP.  (Read the case study)

But, the problem with real-time inventory data – especially on an eCommerce site with hundreds of combinations of brands, styles and sizes – is performance and speed.

Our task was to provide bicycle dealers with access to CSG’s entire catalog and real-time inventory data, without killing the page-load speed.

The solution needed to work with the following constraints:

  • SAP ECC 6.0
  • Magento Enterprise
  • Real-time inventory data loaded directly from SAP, not stored on Magento
  • Keep page load times fast

CSG’s independent bicycle dealers wanted:

  • A user-friendly shopping interface that allows them browse bicycles by brand, style, and frame size
  • Real-time inventory – not batch updates — on specific bicycle frame styles and sizes

CSG wanted:

  • To own the design and layout of their online catalog
  • Real-time inventory and a fast site

We enhanced our existing product availability web services call to interrogate CSG’s inventory levels and return the exact availability information based on CSG’s business requirements.

Logged in B2B bicycle dealers can now use the “show inventory” functionality on a style-by-style basis, thus only retrieving the real-time information when they need it.

  • Re-established CSG’s B2B dealer portal as the authoritative voice in inventory availability
  • Decreased number of phone orders
  • Increased customer satisfaction

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