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SAP Punchout Catalog: A Forward Step in B2B

What do you do if one of your biggest customers tells you their employees aren’t allowed to order products from your site because they have their own internal purchasing system?  That’s exactly what happened to our client, Office Relief. To do business with key customers, they needed an SAP punchout catalog.

Like many B2B companies, Office Relief, a leading retailer of ergonomic office equipment, has complex relationships with its customers.  Many of those customers have their own private catalogs with negotiated contract prices and terms. In addition, some of those customers even have their own internal purchasing systems with their own procurement rules. For Office Relief, Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) is one of those customers. They needed an SAP punchout catalog that would satisfy one of their biggest customers.

The real challenge here was to create an SAP punchout catalog that would place shopping cart items into PG&E’s SRM system while maintaining the integrity of the product, pricing and availability information in Office Relief’s SAP system.

The Background

PG&E wanted to offer its employees a way to browse and “shop” the Office Relief catalog.  But, instead of purchasing directly from Office Relief, which would have violated PG&E’s purchasing procedures, shoppers needed to be returned to PG&E’s Supplier Relationship Management System (SRM) system.

Office Relief already had a B2B eCommerce solution that featured real-time integration between Magento and SAP.  (Read the case study)

Our task was to re-purpose that Magento site to meet PG&E’s purchasing requirements and integrate with their system. In other words, we had to create an SAP punchout catalog integration that didn’t disrupt our client’s existing e-commerce store.

Corevist creates SAP punchout catalogs integrated to ecommerce every day. We were ready for the task.

Our SAP punchout catalog needed to work within the following constraints:

  • Contract-based products, options and pricing — as defined in Office Relief’s SAP system
  • Magento Community Version
  • PG&E’S Supplier Relationship Management System

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PG&E shoppers wanted:

  • A user-friendly shopping interface that will allow them view product information and images so they could make selections
  • Compatibility with PG&E’s Supplier Relationship Management System

Office Relief’s marketing managers wanted:

  • To own the creation and maintenance of their catalog content.
  • One unified system to manage all of their custom b2b catalogs (Magento Community edition)

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  • Repurposed Office Relief’s existing Magento catalog into an SAP punchout catalog just for PG&E’s employees
  • Displayed only PG&E’s contract-based products, product features, and pricing, as defined by the information in Office Relief’s SAP system
  • Integrated the new, custom storefront into PG&E’s SRM system

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  • Happy shoppers (the procurement process is now an intuitive, b2c-like shopping experience)
  • Happy suppliers (the content management & maintenance is no different from their regular process)
  • Happy procurement staff (purchase order requests are placed directly into SAP and follow established business rules)

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