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Nordson Celebrates 10 Years of SAP E-Commerce with Corevist

What does a decade of real-time SAP e-commerce look like?


Join us for a webinar February 21st at 2:00pm EST to find out!


Jerry Berndobler, Web Development Manager at our client Nordson, will discuss his 10-year journey with Corevist Commerce. He’ll also give you tips and best practices for managing SAP e-commerce and making the most of real-time SAP integration.

The session will include a live demonstration of Nordson’s Corevist Commerce environment–including orders created real-time in SAP through Corevist Commerce. Jerry will talk about how Nordson has used this powerful self-service tool to reduce their internal staff workload.



Nordson Company Profile

Nordson is comprised of three reporting groups:

  1. Adhesive Dispensing Systems
  2. Advanced Technology Systems
  3. Industrial Coating Systems

Within each reporting group there are various divisions and business units. Today Adhesive Dispensing Systems and Industrial Coating Systems are all on SAP and Corevist. Advanced Technology Systems is partially on SAP with Corevist, with a stated directive that all BUs will eventually be on SAP (with no current date set). This group is scheduled to have a large division go live on SAP in the fall, and when it does, they’ll be rolling out Corevist there as well.