Winning With Ecommerce.

Minimal IT resources required.

Drive Medical’s customers wanted to order online, but there was a problem. The company’s existing solution “wasn’t worthy” of the company, said Charlie Chiodo, CIO.

On the backend, the existing solution was disconnected from SAP. That meant manual re-keying of orders—a real waste of time and money.

Not only that, but Drive’s Marketing department struggled to maintain and update its online catalog. Product info got out of date quickly, which made Drive hesitant to promote the online catalog to customers.

Drive Medical needed a powerful ecommerce solution—fast.

Here’s how Corevist delivered:

  • Launched an SAP-integrated e-commerce portal in 90 days.
  • Used an Agile implementation to stay within the budget AND incorporate user feedback
  • Helped Drive improve its Product Availability and Credit Handling procedures



“Now we process hundreds of orders a day…directly into SAP…all hands-free.”

–Chief Technology Officer, Drive Medical

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