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Adobe Buys Magento: What This Means for SAP B2B Manufacturers

Adobe Buys Magento–B2B Questions The ecommerce world is nothing if not fast-paced. The Magento community has gone through changes before, and another one is coming. On May 21, Adobe announced their intent to purchase Magento for $1.68B, with the sale … Continued
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Forrester Names Magento a B2B Leader: What It Means for SAP eCommerce

Magento B2B Leads the Pack We get excited when our Partners succeed. Their success is our success, and it’s extremely gratifying to see third parties recognize the value that one of our Partners brings. When we found out that Forrester … Continued
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Partner Spotlight: Shero

Say hello to our friends at Shero! At Corevist, we don’t stand alone. We create the greatest SAP eCommerce solutions on the planet, but we can’t do it without our amazing partner network. Partner relationships often happen behind the scenes—but … Continued
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Magento B2B Extension for SAP e-Commerce

Magento B2B Extension – eCommerce for SAP ERP If you’re looking for a Magento B2B extension to connect to SAP, you’ve come to the right place! Magento’s new module offers a powerful solution for B2B e-Commerce. When you couple it … Continued
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