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UPDATE: Our New Production Support Process Is Thriving

Production Support By The Numbers Last year, we announced the launch of a new Production Support Process for Corevist Commerce. With the evolving needs of ecommerce users (and the evolving needs of our clients), we felt a new process for … Continued
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Knowledge Sync: Our Cross-Functional Customization Reviews

Knowledge Sync at Corevist Cross-functional knowledge is crucial at any tech company, but we feel it’s especially important at Corevist. The nature of our SAP-integrated ecommerce solution, and the fact that we’re a virtual company, offer unique opportunities and challenges … Continued
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Transparency Is Hard (But That’s Why We Practice It)

The Risk & Reward of Transparency We’ve written elsewhere about The Kimono Effect—the idea that exposing your SAP data to web customers may require a little cleanup of your business rules. What makes the Kimono Effect startling (and refreshing) is … Continued
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Agile Conversations: “Just Deliver Something, Man!”

Agile Methodology in the Real World In my role as Corevist CEO, I participate in our Project Initiation Workshops whenever possible. I want to hear from real people who’ve just decided to do business with us. I love participating with … Continued
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