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Have a B2B eCommerce strategy? It's probably not enough

Why having a B2B eCommerce strategy isn’t enough Let’s cut right to the chase; having a B2B eCommerce strategy and business case isn’t enough for most companies. I mean that with all sincerity. A business case is a must-have for … Continued
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The 6 Most Important B2B eCommerce Stakeholders

B2B e-Commerce Stakeholders: 6 Key Roles The world of SAP B2B eCommerce is complex. People from multiple departments have problems that eCommerce can solve—but eCommerce can also introduce new problems for each department if it isn’t done right. Whatever your … Continued
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Ordering on Behalf of Multiple Customers in SAP eCommerce

SAP Ordering for Multiple Customers in eCommerce B2B eCommerce isn’t simply an extension of B2C—especially in the world of SAP eCommerce. B2B is a universe unto itself, with unique problems that require unique solutions. There’s no better illustration of this point … Continued
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FullStory Analytics: Searchable Session Replay for SAP B2B eCommerce

Business Intelligence for B2B eCommerce using FullStory At Corevist, we operate on a continuous improvement model. We’re constantly researching (and implementing) new features that take our SAP eCommerce solution to the next level. Our goal is to increase the value … Continued
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