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Have a B2B eCommerce strategy? It’s probably not enough

Why having a B2B eCommerce strategy isn’t enough Let’s cut right to the chase; having a B2B eCommerce strategy and business case isn’t enough for most companies. I mean that with all sincerity. A business case is a must-have for … Continued
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Ordering on Behalf of Multiple Customers in SAP eCommerce

SAP Ordering for Multiple Customers in eCommerce B2B eCommerce isn’t simply an extension of B2C—especially in the world of SAP eCommerce. B2B is a universe unto itself, with unique problems that require unique solutions. There’s no better illustration of this point … Continued
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Marketing Free Samples and Upselling in B2B eCommerce

Last updated January 28, 2021. If you’ve ever ordered products online from a company like Nordstroms, you know you can pick up 3-4 free samples at checkout. While we’re all used to this type of promotional experience in the B2C … Continued
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Multiple Line Items from Multiple Warehouses in SAP eCommerce

Your customers have one question: “When will I get the product?” When it comes to SAP eCommerce, customers want to know one thing: “When will I get the product?” For manufacturers with only one warehouse, this is a fairly simple … Continued
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