Outsourcing the technology…

…while “insourcing” control of the business.

Office Relief — a one-stop shop for ergonomic needs — partnered with Corevist to replace an existing eCommerce site that was disconnected from SAP and lacked any distinction between casual customers and corporate B2B customers.

Office Relief wanted to engage a web channel partner to handle the technology. That way, they could focus on running their business.

That’s exactly what they achieved with Corevist:


  • We developed and launched a Magento-based eCommerce site with real-time SAP connectivity
  • We helped Office Relief establish PCI compliance
  • We integrated with multiple solution providers including Paymetric, ERP-IS and e-Spline
  • We created a public B2C product catalog
  • We created private B2B customer-centric catalogs
  • We provided a centralized, easy-to-use content management tools to manage multiple catalogs


“In many ways, we felt like our old site was holding us hostage. It was expensive to maintain because updates had to go through an external vendor, and it was impossible to get new products on the site quickly. On top of that, new orders placed on our site triggered a long list of internal manual processes.

“We were looking for a way to outsource the technology and ‘insource’ control of the business. Corevist has helped us do that…and more.”

–Paul Blaubach,
President and CEO, Office Relief

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