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Quick…what does b2b2dot0 do?

b2b2dot0 in a nutshell We provide a hosted migration path for the old HAHT Order Management (OM) customers*. We provide a hosted B2B Sellside Web Order Management solution for Suppliers running SAP. The first answer is instantly understood by only … Continued
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Welcome to TheAgileStartup

The Launch of B2B2dot0 (now Corevist) The preliminaries are now out of the way.  For the last six months, my partners and I (Joe Pryor and Adrian Zehnder), have been trying to do everything in our power to dissuade ourselves … Continued
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Google to the rescue

What was his name? He was the IT Director at one of our first customers.  In fact, what was their name?  I know they used our product to help them with their rock business.  They were in the construction industry.  … Continued
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On flexibility

Flexibility, flexibility, flexibility… That’s the one word that permeates every conversation we have and influences every decision we make. We’re constantly guarding against making any decision that boxes us into a corner…at least at this stage of the game.  That’s … Continued
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