Insights from our team

An hour a day keeps entropy at bay.

How we fight entropy Keeping a company focused is quite challenging, especially a dynamic one like ours.  There are an infinite number of things to be done and, by definition, never enough time to get them done in.
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b2b2dot0 in the News

b2b2dot0 Press Roundup “Best Automation Solution for SAP Users: Outsourcing an eCommerce B2B Website”,, January 2009. “Manufacturing CFO’s Using SAP Look to SaaS Outsourced eCommerce B2B Websites”,, January 2009. “b2b2dot0 forms Strategic Alliance with Aglaia Software”,, January … Continued
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Q. What’s black and white and read all over?

A. All the articles that are being written about us!
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Software-as-a-Service is unAmerican

Is SaaS hurting the economy? Well…the actual title of the ComputerWorld blog posting by Mark Everett Hall is “How SaaS hurts a fragile IT economy” but there is no doubt that Mark is labeling me as a traitor.  I’m one … Continued
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