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A Real Project in Real Time – Week 2

Real time, Real Project, Part II Our last installment of “A Real Project in Real Time” had me en route to facilitating our first Focus Group for Blount’s SAP Integrated US Distributor eCommerce website implementation in Portland Oregon.  (For more … Continued
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Thinking About an SAP Integrated B2B Sellside Project?

Inside an SAP-integrated ecommerce launch On May 7th, b2b2dot0 is going to kick off the European launch of our service for Blount, Inc.  In advance of that kickoff, the Project Manager gave a presentation to an internal audience giving them … Continued
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A Real Project in Real Time

Project kickoff in real time Many of my inspirations are formed during my mind’s journey into the depths of a much needed sleep.  Fortunately (for me and those around me), my internal censors don’t allow most of them to make … Continued
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Looking Backwards and Forwards

Recent accomplishments & upcoming plans With the new quarter already started, let’s have a look back at what we’ve achieved and a look forward at what’s planned.
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