Noah Scribner

Noah is Corevist’s Magento Practice Manager. He has almost 10 years of experience in the web development and eCommerce industry. As Corevist’s Magento Practice Manager, he’ll lead clients through the Magento development and implementation process.

Adobe Buys Magento: What This Means for SAP B2B Manufacturers

Adobe Buys Magento–B2B Questions The ecommerce world is nothing if not fast-paced. As a Magento shop, we’ve seen the Magento community go through changes before. Now another one is coming. On May 21, Adobe announced their intent to purchase Magento … Continued
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B2C vs. B2B: Persona-Based Search with Real SAP Data

Onsite Search in B2B eCommerce The trend toward B2C in B2B ecommerce has been well documented. In fact, it seems everyone is talking about it. But what does that look like in real life? How is B2B still different from … Continued
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How dirty is your data?

If I were writing this article for a magazine, that’s the title I’d give it. But, this is a serious blog about serious SAP B2B eCommerce, so maybe I should think of another title. How’s this? “Product hierarchy and attribute consistency in SAP data and its impact on SAP-integrated B2B eCommerce.” Well, that title is accurate, but way more boring.
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New feature: Product Search Filters

Online users want to search and filter products. It's just what they do. But sometimes the existing product data in SAP isn’t grouped or categorized in a way that makes searching and filtering possible. So Corevist looked for a way to make this happen with Magento, bypassing the need for a time and budget intensive catalog project...
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