Josh Blanton

Josh serves as Director of Marketing & Sales. With experience in both high-growth startups and Fortune 50 tech companies, he brings a deep understanding of B2B complexity to the table.

Jurassic invests $2.8m into Corevist

Dear Followers, I’m excited to announce that we have closed on our first funding round from Jurassic Capital, to the tune of $2.8M. This is a major milestone in our development as we continue to innovate in the B2B space. … Continued
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This B2B Needs Pyramid Could Revolutionize Your Career

B2B Values Pyramid: Prioritizing Needs Harvard Business Review recently published an incredible article outlining a B2B Values Pyramid. Riffing on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, the authors came up with a brilliant pyramid to help B2B executives prioritize the value they’ll … Continued
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Responsive Ecommerce vs. Mobile App: 7 Things You Need to Know

Mobile app, or mobile-friendly ecommerce? How do you reach the growing mobile device segment in ecommerce? As real data suggests, mobile usage in B2B ecommerce is skyrocketing. Manufacturers understand that mobile is a critical piece of the digital commerce puzzle. … Continued
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The Data Speaks: B2B Mobile Commerce Is No Longer Hype

B2B Mobile Ecommerce Growth – Real Data Last updated: 9/4/18 If I had a penny for every article I’ve seen about the importance of mobile in B2B e-commerce, I’d be rich. In fact, I’ve seen so many of these articles, … Continued
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