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April 2020

How To Nail Credit And Availability In Your B2B Web Channel

Manufacturers’ transactions are complex. The ERP is the source of truth for complex business logic governing products, pricing, availability, and more–which is why eCommerce for manufacturers must include integration to SAP.   As you prepare for an SAP-integrated eCommerce solution, you … Continued
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4 Essentials In Customer Experience For Manufacturers

#CX essentials for manufacturers What does it take for manufacturers to compete online? With pressures from Amazon and competitors who have branded eCommerce experiences, it’s imperative that manufacturers determine what their dealers and distributors are looking for in terms of … Continued
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COVID-19 Impact On Medical B2B eCommerce

Medical eCommerce During COVID-19 The COVID-19 pandemic is shaking up medical eCommerce performance for manufacturers. With elective surgeries on hold while hospitals pivot to COVID-19 treatment, some manufacturers are seeing massive gains, while others are seeing a sharp drop-off. When … Continued
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Getting Closer To The B2B Buyer During COVID-19

B2B sales during COVID-19 The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing manufacturers to innovate in their selling models. While this is a painful time for all of us, the pandemic is also forcing manufacturers to get closer to the buyer of product, … Continued
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