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January 2020

Mary is Sabotaging your SAP Integrated B2B eCommerce rollout

Who is Mary? She’s one of your most senior Customer Service Representatives.  She’s been working at your company for 20+ years. She loves your most important clients, and they love her.  They think she’s psychic because she simply knows what … Continued
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The Benefits Of S/4HANA for SAP-Integrated eCommerce

S/4HANA plus integrated eCommerce With SAP ECC 6.0 reaching end-of-life in 2025, manufacturers are making plans for the continuity of their ERP systems. Companies on ECC have two high-level options: Migrate to S/4HANA Extend ECC support through a 3rd party … Continued
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4 Must-Haves In Personalized B2B eCommerce

B2B eCommerce Personalization Amazon continues to up the ante in terms of eCommerce personalization. That’s changing buyer expectations—not only in B2C, but in B2B, too. In fact, Salesforce reports that 72% of B2B customers expect personalization, while 67% have switched … Continued
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