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June 2017

Translations That Work for SAP eCommerce

SAP eCommerce Translations In today’s global market, personalization is the key to success. In the SAP B2B eCommerce world, personalization comes in the form of locally relevant brands and products, being able to accept local payment, utilizing local delivery methods, … Continued
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Ordering on Behalf of Multiple Customers in SAP eCommerce

SAP Ordering for Multiple Customers in eCommerce B2B eCommerce isn’t simply an extension of B2C—especially in the world of SAP eCommerce. B2B is a universe unto itself, with unique problems that require unique solutions. There’s no better illustration of this point … Continued
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3 Solutions to the SAP Indirect Access License Fee Challenge

[Updated 11/22/17 – We recently launched our ultimate guide on SAP Indirect Access which can be seen here] [Updated: 9/26/17 Newest Story on SAP Indirect Access can be found here] Indirect Access: 3 Ways to Deal with SAP’s Practices… Negotiate, negotiate, … Continued
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SAP eCommerce: 5 Factors that Influence Total Cost of Ownership

If you’re an executive at an SAP manufacturer, you’re always looking for a cost projection when it comes to new technology adoptions—especially if you’re replacing your current SAP e commerce solution with something better. That projection must be realistic to … Continued
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