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November 2009

SAP Attempts to Discredit the Cloud

Cloud won’t work, huh? CIO Magazine recently published an interview with SAP’s Chief Technology Officer, Vishal Sikka, entitled “Cloud Won’t Do for Critical Applications“.  Frankly, not only did I find his comments quite disingenuous, but considering our experiences of the … Continued
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Key Trends in B2B Ecommerce: Complimentary Forrester Research Valued at $1749

Free Forrester Report An ecommerce platform provider called Elasticpath is co-sponsoring this webinar along with Forrester Research. I’ve been following the presenter, Brian Walker, on Twitter (@bkwalker) for quite awhile now and based on his tweets, I have no doubt … Continued
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The Anatomy of a Hack Attack

Lessons in security Yesterday started off like any other day. I scanned my overnight emails, read our daily production log, attended our daily standup meeting and then planned my priorities for the day.  High on my list was to research … Continued
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Love Letters to an SAP CIO

Music to a CIO’s ears Most CIOs would agree that they have a thankless job. They are expected to do more than is humanly possible, with less than is minimally required, and deliver results faster than are theoretically possible.
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