Hands-Free Email Replies: SAP Price and Availability Bot

To the readers of Corevist’s blog,

I’m very excited to announce, that starting with this post, you’ll regularly be reading the writings of the newest member of the Corevist team, George Anderson.  He comes on board as a dedicated writer for us which is in response to the growing backlog of content that we’ve not been able to publish in our “spare time”.  My only hope is that he doesn’t put me out of a job. 🙂  I’ve really enjoyed, and it’s been therapeutic for me, to share my views over the past 9 years on what’s going on in the SAP B2B eCommerce industry and how Corevist contributes to making it a more attainable and safer place to go for Manufacturers around the world.

George’s maiden post is a continuation of my post from February 5, 2017 entitled “Look Ma! – No Hands SAP B2B eCommerce”.  At the end of that post, I promised I’d give you the details of a very clever innovation that our friends at Nordson put into production last year.

I lied.  George is.



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Corevist Will Never Be “That” Company

Not every day is a fun day at work.

Sometimes it feels like the world is conspiring against us.  Sometimes we get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of work we have to accomplish and the rate at which it’s piling up.  And sometimes we have a less than pleasant day at work simply because we have to deal with clients and partners who are just a pain to deal with.

Corevist’s Sr. Implementation Consultant Ray Mannion has found the perfect way to deal with those difficult to work with companies…(who shall remain nameless but is probably the leading vendor in the SAP® Payment Processing field and one that we seem to have to work with alot :-()… he blogs.


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